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"Juego GD y me interesa bastante la Lost Media xD"

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    Vision of Disorder - Suffer
  • Rachel Lynn Perry - Write Me A Letter
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    "try The Surfaris ? 
    for all surf rock."
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  • "i also could send the entire tape if you want, it's all by the same unidentified artist, some are findable by lyrics but sang by some completely different christian singer who does not sound alike, so they're probably just remakes of older church songs with some original ones
    honestlyidrkSat, 04 May 2024 23:06
    Can you send lyrics for this one?
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    "Your sample sounds VERY simular to both JoJo All-Star Battle and Eye of Heaven's OSTs. I skimmed through them with no luck, but I could of easily missed it. The composer is "Chikayo Fukuda"."
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