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"'The teenager nobody asked for'

BTW this website is a much-needed and very refreshing, nostalgic change IMHO from most modern websites; especially taking into account that I absolutely cherish the earlier Internet having experienced only the tail end of it (and also retro technology and music). Whatever, I do my job online as a logo YouTuber, not really as a song scourer but I figured out I'd make this WatZatSong account as a last resort if I rly RLY CAN'T find a certain song and also to sporadically help ppl if I recognize some of the songs posted on here.
(for info and other stuff you can find me on)"

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il y a 14 jours

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    LostgemsThu, 13 Jun 2024 03:41
    Are you sure this is a real song and not just a tune for the news?
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    Adiemus - Adiemus
  • "Are you sure this is a real song and not just a tune for the news?"
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  • ""Little Honda" and "Shut Down" mashup by The Beach Boys?"
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