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Tony Brown & Antony Larsson - Tune of Pirates

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    a sample in Electro
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    a sample in Rock
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    "So, this band has more than one good song, it was on my quiz list recently, but due to the difficult title to solve - I didn’t posted. The song is Zasha - Zishangani:"
  • "Do you think you know the other 2 in my profile as well? Ty for this answer."
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    "@MusikLoverz, you're welcome. please confirm my answer"
  • a sample in Musique du monde
  • أحمد النفيس - صلوا على خير البشر
  • a sample in Electro
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    "@JohnMarvinB, confirm my answer, I proposed first and the band is Honest Men, not Honest Man. "
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    Honest Man - Rose
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