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Mona - Lean into the Fall (Piano)

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  • "@miroVT thanks,man). this is what i was along time looking for... @qxzw thanks too. (и тебе спасибо, просто выручили оба...)))"
  • new sample in Musique classique
  • Hampton the Hamster - The Hampsterdance Song
  • new sample in Musique classique
  • new sample in Musique classique
  • "Ok, well, we'll see what @Arssag says (А меня можно и по старинке звать - Берспир, оно ж и - поблагозвучнее ;O))"
  • "remenber it but I don't have sample A16 Let's Slow It Down Right Now https://www.discogs.com/Unknown-Artist-Jingles-From-USA-Volume-1/release/4494631"
  • "Thanks qxzw Yes,i know that it was based on this Russian melody, but the techno-trance version is almost always wanted here."
  • "Miro, +1, but original dates back to 1979 (If this is exactly what need :o) https://youtu.be/sJj9y4t9UnU"
  • "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZynI2APMRg"
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