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Frank Ocean - DHL

found in 33 min



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  • "https://vocaroo.com/1k4VgmfcPFKX"
  • "https://vocaroo.com/1iuvg44j5jce"
  • "https://vocaroo.com/1cZgOnltCqgt"
  • "Longer https://vocaroo.com/13HKZGxG2T0O"
  • new sample
  • "Thank you very much!"
  • "Hi neoton! This is just my guess 🙂"
  • "Good morning ol2907.Maybe you're right.Stereo love is not my type of music."
  • "@ReCon242 i can assure you, it's not istanbul lol. @AlfieGreen i do hear the riff on the smoke in the water farm.. wow.. but it's not the song. the song im reminded of has a "shake it" by metro station vibe. it might be a similar myspace-y song; it was definitely popular."
  • "I think this is a cover of this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-Z3YrHJ1sU"
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