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    "I listened to your answer. Perhaps this is what I referred to in the first comment, but unfortunately this is not it, despite the fact that the main melody seems to use the same synthesizer preset and plays in the same key. The bass, for example, is also completely different, as is the main melody.
    I wrote to the author of the original post in private messages asking him to share the details of the fragment discovery.
    rebornjarFri, 24 May 2024 22:28
    Yet something is not right, different singer and lyrics...
    Karl92MarxFri, 24 May 2024 22:20
    qx, based on my extensive experience with, for example, Suno AI, I can say that the probability that it is AI is very low, since the voice is too realistic and its mixing is too shitty.
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    "Unless you can find the song. And if you can please reSubmit it."
  • "@cr3txser I wanted the song on it's own if possible, not the audio track from the episode."
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  • "Yes it is, sorry. It's too late now though, I've already sent the message. Dammit!
    ViscousFri, 24 May 2024 22:29
    Wouldn't it be "you set your sight so high"?
    musicfan1994Fri, 24 May 2024 17:32
    Just contacted Fritz on Facebook.

    "Hi Fritz,

    I am writing to you because I want to find the name and artist of a song that was used as the opening logo on the Earthquake Survival Guide that KNBC did in 1994 that you presented. I've already tried to contact a few people. The first person I contacted, or was suggested to contact by someone who was discussing the song, was I think Cindy Fe if I remember right (I couldn't contact her directly though so had to go through someone who worked with her who forwarded my email to his husband  who then forwarded it to her), and although she didn't know the song, and said it wasn't one of her jingles (she wrote hundreds for NBC-owned stations), she suggested I contact Andrew Gold's estate, which I did, however they have not responded yet, and unfortunately for me, probably never will. I have been suggested though that someone should contact you, as you were the one who presented the guide. 

    Thousands of people started searching for this song I'm also looking for as part of the same search about a few months or so ago now after hearing it on the safety guide, and it's got stuck in their heads pretty much. I also personally love the song. 

    Are you able to identify the song in question, or at least able to remember anything about it, or give me any info? Or, if you don't remember or know the name and artist, do you at least know or still remember where KNBC sourced their jingles from in the 80s or 90s? Here is the link to the safety guide where you are featured (the song starts at about 10 seconds in): 
    And here is an upload with just the song:
    Also, here is a post on a song identification site where we discuss trying to identify it, including my personal efforts to try to contact people who have been suggested as potential artists, and whether they responded. There are also a few posts on Reddit about this song in a community called Lostwave, of which I am a member. Lostwave is a place where people search for music that either lacks an identity, or unearth music that has gone under the radar for whatever reason, sometimes both. The subreddit is located at but I think the posts about the song are buried deep down in the list.

    The lyrics of the jingle we are trying to identify are: 

    "Nobody does it like you do
    You give your everything and more, o
    'Cause you set the bar so high
    O, you keep the dream alive
    We're gonna do it, together
    Together, side-by-side.".

    I am sorry this message is so long, and look forward to your reply. I thank you for your time. 

    Jamie Russell-White."

    Now waiting for his response, if any. 
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