Important Announcements


WatZatSong is a song-naming community!

On WatZatSong, you can record a tune you have stuck in your head, or upload a music sample you cannot identify, and this music-specialist community will identify it for you!


How to post a sample on WatZatSong?

Click on the "Post A Sample" button at the top of each page, then record or upload a music sample and add the required additional information. Of course, the more precise your request the more likely it will be found!

How long does identifying a sample take?

It depends, from a few seconds to several days for a very niche sample. To shorten that delay, you can stick your sample on the homepage as explained below.

How to stick your sample on the homepage?

Once you have posted your sample, it appears at the top of the list of samples to name, on the homepage. When some other samples are posted after yours, yours will go done the list, becoming less visible for the other members to name it.

To guarantee a maximum visibility for your sample, and increase the chances of it being named quickly, you can use the "Top of the list" function on your sample page (you can access your posted samples pages following the "My Profile" link at the top of any page).

What to do when you get an answer?

When a member names your sample, you'll be alerted via email. In that case, it's important to check the answer and confirm or reject it so as the member knows if that was the right one and the sample to be marked as identified. Saying "Thank you", even if it's a very appreciated thing, does not close the request and give a naming point to the namer.

Can I post the same sample several times?

No, posting the same sample several times is forbidden. To bring your sample to the top, You can use the "TOP OF THE LIST" functionality as explained above.


How to post a proposal?

On the page of the sample you're trying to identify, you can find 2 fields: one "Artist Name" and one "Song Title" fields. If you know that sample, and no other member has posted the correct answer before you, don't hesitate to fill these fields and click on "Submit". Thus, the sample owner will be able to see your answer and confirm it if it's the song (s)he was looking for!

You can also add a link to a full version of the song in the sample comment to help the sample owner check your answer.

If the answer you wanted to post has already been posted by other member, don't hesitate to click on "+1" to show your approval!

Can I use software like Shazam to name a sample?

Yes! What is important is to help the request owner to find the name of the tune (s)he is looking for as soon as possible.


Quiz samples are requests posted by other members just for the fun of it. They already do know the answer but are happy to help the rest of the community discover a song.

How to post a quiz sample?

Simply post it like another request but choose "Quiz" as the genre

Can I use software like Shazam to name a quiz sample?

These request are just here for fun, so using software to help you name them breaks the game and is not respectful for the community, thus is forbidden

Does naming quiz samples count for the ranking?

No. Only real requests do!