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"I have some collection of audio cassettes and some of them aren't digitized in Audacity yet (+ waiting for more to arrive). Had been using Tunatic in 2014, uploading unindentified tracks as compilations from audio CDs and cassettes on YouTube 2018 - 2020 (scattered IIRC on 3 different YT channels). In beginning of 2024 unindentified (LostWave) songs popped on my YouTube feed with links to this website. I speak English and Lithuanian (native)."

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  • It seems like a song by the artists "boomkity" or "F.O.OL" or "Termite" or many more electronic music authors.

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    Do you have more?

  • where did you get this audio from?

  • It sounds like a song from a rhythm video game.

  • Worakls - Cloches
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