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    "qx, based on my extensive experience with, for example, Suno AI, I can say that the probability that it is AI is very low, since the voice is too realistic and its mixing is too shitty."
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  • "I found this song on my oldest cousin's ipad (he is no longer in this planet) I tried to use shazam but the songs wasn't the same, please help me find this song 😔"
  • "Gracias hermano, es la canción que buscaba. Lo único malo es que eso es de guinda , el de que hablo es del grupo néctar de jhonny orosco"
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  • "thanks for listening and suggestion but that is not it. I think it might be more folky.. acoustic guitar chords and ? male vocals but i'm not realy sure. maybe late 60's early 70's
    EstragonFri, 24 May 2024 21:37
    Maybe INXS - Beautiful Girl (though that's more of a Rock band)?

    Anything else you can remember? How long ago? Instruments? Male/female vocalist?...
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    "im sorry, i already checked them out, and its definatally not them."
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