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Jonas Blue - Fast Car

found in 1 hours



  • Tom Walker - Real Life
  • new sample in Country
  • new sample in Country
  • "Yeah they must be not very well known I googled the lyrics too and found nothing. Strange. You could ask someone who works in your supermarket for their playlist or the radio station they play. But that’s a bit much haha"
  • "Yes, I tried Shazam/soundhound many times, but still no results. I tried googling lyrics too."
  • "Here is the link to the full audio https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13yHi-7eX7hOzzNvdFUj1byqLm3hzHjms"
  • "Hmm...did you try soundhound or Shazam to find it?"
  • "Hmm...did you try soundhound or Shazam to find it?"
  • "Arctic monkeys is the great band and the song sounds really like smth they write. But I've searched through all their albums and still cannot find it :( It must be some indie band that waits to be discovered."
  • "Hello. That's the good theme. But it's not tne good title. Damn. Bloody app."
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