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"I am a 3D CGI Artist. I use Blender (3D Modelling Software). I am also a huge fan of the 70's, 80's, and 90's. I archive old software and other 90's website content. I believe that only the best content is good enough! I'm Blender Bach! The CGI Guy!"

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  • "Bravo, Nanah 😀"
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    "@hajka1233, in all honesty, at this point these proposals aren't going to get the OP back. I know you're trying to get their attention, but they get quite annoying quickly and you'll probably get the opposite of what you want."
  • "Moderator, confirm this please, it's solved case, 3 months solved already. I also didn't immediately notice that the assumption made sense because the song is designated as a classic, but it's not classic actually."
  • "Actually yes it's bad young beats, I was able to hear it. It's just that the rest of it is classical music that was written for the movie,  
    therefore, the assumption was not confirmed in three months."
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    Валентин Соломатов - Ночь. Дом. Пустота.
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    Love Affair - Mama Sez
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    Buddy's - Going Up Getting Down (On Your Skateboard)
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    a sample in Rock
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    Travis Scott Feat. Kacy Hill - 90210 (sped up)
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