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  • how did you find it

    cfothoughSun, 23 Jun 2024 07:54

    No need, because I JUST found it! The song is "Yannis Brown - 1234.....rock!!!!!" However, the bootleggers downshifted the song a few times. Here's the YouTube video, right around the 0:33 mark is where my sample starts

    PorcKopSun, 23 Jun 2024 07:01

    Can you send me a link to the mp3 so I can submit it to a lostwave channel

    cfothoughFri, 21 Jun 2024 23:57

    Sadly my YouTube channel is not focused on this type of content, so it wouldn't make sense for me to post it :( I'm sure one of the many lostwave channels could post it! I'm totally fine with that lol

    PorcKopSat, 04 May 2024 04:46
    Can you put it on YouTube so more people might find it
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    a sample in Pop
  • I confirm that this proposal is correct

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    a sample in Pop
  • new sample in Other
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    new sample in Other
  • DrizzlyRadio is my alt account and I lost it since I broke my computer

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    new sample in Pop
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    ...or maybe this one?

    again not available song.

    neotonSun, 23 Jun 2024 21:52

    Probably this release

    No audio available.

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