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  • a sample in Rock
  • "Some potential lyrics for this snippet if it helps anyone:
    It's the two of us, falling down
    No need to start a fight
    You make me sad
    How come you said you wanna fly away
    Please don't run
    Been crying all alone
    What are you worth
    The sun emerged (?)
    Looks like a stronger day (?)
    Please don't run"
  • "Хм, действительно, в его списке репертуара она есть и отмечено, что песня не входила ни в один альбом, не издавалась
    AmatierisWed, 22 May 2024 05:33
    in my opinion, this is the voice of Alexander Malinin, especially since this song is marked in his repertoireП#song_name
  • "Today is the day of the long-awaited answer, especially for me. I received a turntable and the disc, I plug it in and listen, and then... I love it!

    Rudeboylicious - 2 Bad (Pt. II)

    This is the complete tracks that I was looking for as a presentie, see more.
    It's all about Ennio's intro, the little explosion and shooting samples, and the vocals.

    This little investigation will conclude in the coming days with the publication on YouTube of my vinyl recording, stay attentive."
  • The Lively Ones - Surf Rider
  • "i do not search year i search name"
  • Killing Joke - Bloodsport
  • Hiroyuki Sawano - Epic Seven OST
  • "Sounds like something from the level in a video game where you're exploring a furturstic spaceship or lab."
  • "lmao the proposal"
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