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  • "You're welcome.I didn't even search for it by title,because i know her very well"
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  • "Thanks... and bump"
  • "@ecg129 it does! The only thing is that this specific one I'm looking for was probably not made by a famous composer... cause if it was, softwares would recognize the tune. Also, for those who may wonder how I know about the "1988" year... it's because I got this soundclip from a 1 or 2 hours live-mix by some DJ whose name I can't remember... but he made several mixes. Some of them were called "1977", and he was playing only tunes from 1977... and this specific song requested was from a mix called "1988"."
  • "It sounds like somthing typical from the super bingo games ... you could search for some super bingo tango theme songs ..."
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  • "you're welcome"
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