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  • new sample
  • "Pas de son !"
  • "Non Keny ! Il faut que je redemande a mes potes pour nettoyage, ils l'avaient retrouvée. Merci quand meme :-)"
  • "Pas de son !"
  • ""
  • Casual - Tears
  • a sample in Electro
  • "You're welcome, it's good :) In addition it's a nice song :)"
  • "THANKS 4 REPLAYING TO ME GUYS, BUT ....ITS NOT THIS SONG. , I WROTE THAT IT SOUND LIKE PAOLA AND CIARA..VAMOS A BAILAR IN THE MELODY STYLE . THE SONG I AM SEARCHING IS FROM 1996 TO 2002 RELEASED AND ITS SIGNING A GIRL AROUND 25 YR.OLD. ITS DANCE MUSIC AND IT HAS THE COUPLE IN ENGLISH AND THE REFREN IS IN SPANISH OR PORTUGUESE.. IT GOES LIKE THE PIANO I WROTE IN THE SAMPLE I UPLOADED. 》》 Mambo E* ya yoo Mambo E ya yoooooo Mambo E ya yoo Mambo E ya yoooo《《 ..thats the refren...the drop! And letter *E* is sounding like in english E* ( see, tea, bee) uffff i hope you guys help me with this, i neeed to find this song !! Thnk you :))"
  • new sample in Electro
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