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Christopher Martin - Baby I love You

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  • Ummon - Xiyonat
  • "et heureusement que tu as donné des indices car elle est dure à reconnaître."
  • "hmm very catchy, the voice at the start sounds too good of quality to be from the 80s, but defintely a 80s vibe. Where did you find the sample?"
  • "Where was it from?"
  • "Very nice. I would most likely assume it isn't a specific song, probaby as part of the companys stock music."
  • "That's the only record i have unfortunately but thanks for the clarification :)"
  • "Thanks!"
  • "https://youtu.be/ZyEODfVxoiM"
  • Morgan Page feat. Stella Rio & Damon Sharpe - Beautiful Disaster
  • new sample
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