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WatZatSong est une communauté d'identification de chansons.

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Basador - Mr. Big Boom

found in 4 heures



name that song
  • "Indeed are correct. Artist: Udio v1 and titled Neon Dreams in metadata.
    AveEsterFri, 17 May 2024 06:40
    Im leaning towards ai here
  • new sample in Bande sonore
  • ""
  • Sample was edited
  • Sample was edited
  • "Can you prove timestamp please?
    CJRJ1900Fri, 17 May 2024 18:07
    OldsolidusFri, 17 May 2024 18:07
    link to video?
  • 14
    a sample in Other
  • Sample was edited
  • "thanks @cr3txser for the original version! I'll reject it for now (SORRY!) until we find the remix, good job!"
  • "Seems like the whole sample you have is 73 seconds long. Judging metadata is it a rip from a youtube video?"
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