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    Portwave - Shadow Lady (slowed + reverb)
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    "You're welcome, maks5c23. I couldn't find this remix, maybe someone  else will. "
  • a sample in Rock
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    "My pleasure! "
  • new sample in Rock
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    "@xBoogie714x, you're absolutely right, that is a big problem. Sometimes I get the feeling that people think if someone knows the song he or she will recognize it no matter how short the sample is; that’s true, but for mainstream music or if they’re lucky enough to run into a person who knows that song.

    When some people come to the site with a rare song and they mark it as "English song" while we only hear the instrumental intro, I wanna scream, but I usually just write the same old: "Longer sample, please?" 🙂"
  • Doug Maxwell & Media Right Productions - Cartoon Bank Heist
  • Cartoon Bank Heist - Doug Maxwell & Media Right Productions
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    "Fantastic, bravo juance! 😃

    This quiz has been going on for exactly 3 years and I was thinking of finishing it now, but I changed my mind and will continue on. I may limit the number of songs to a maximum of 10 or that number will always be 10 (not like before: 10, 15, 20 or 25)."
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