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"i am french (oui oui baguette) and i love lostwave."

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    "I'm not sure it's the same or a remix. I found it with lyrics"
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    "Macaco moment"
  • "Wow gabors first commenter
    zozinhoeSun, 09 Dec 2018 19:15
    Hey Gabor, if you' re waiting for a special user's response, please reject my answer!
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    Pardon by Dalida is also a cover of El Reloj:

    But I feel it's a popular rhythm in general too.

  • "Wait wtf why is this a fnf song , This was in some recovery files of some long time agoo, I think the song comes from other place but Im accepting it"
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    Cachorrão do Brega - Internacional II
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    "I think it could be 

    The singer cannot be taken seriously because he doesn't even speak English. It's comical 🙈"
  • "carl is a confirmed gooner"
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