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"I like radios. I'm posting
every clip I can't identify here."

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  • Karan Aujla - - Admirin’ You (Unplugged)
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  • "I used Shazam on the sample and Fading Jazz by Stainee was the result. I found a musician on SoundCloud named Stainee but Fading Jazz is not a song posted there. If that Stainee is the same person from the SoundCloud, they may have deleted the song but submitted it to the Musixmatch database since that's the database Shazam uses. There's a chance it's not Fading Jazz because this song is so obscure and sometimes Shazam identifies the wrong song. It did it all three times for me, though."
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    a sample in Pop
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    Братья По Разуму - Я не знаю сам
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