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    Berlin Military Orchestra conducted by Boris Yeltsin - Russian Melodies Potpourri
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    "The song is a Russian Melodies Potpourri, the Military Orchestra was playing multiple songs for him"
  • "Only what i can tell is that i have it from a dj set where the track (2 turntables from dougal) is before that track but dont have more informations, i know they got it somewhere from youtube but thats all i know
    PeeringEyes7Sat, 15 Jun 2024 00:04
    Do you have any information about it?
  • "theres a very low chance, my friend knows almost nothing about music creation, but maybe theres liek a 0.15% chance it is
    PeeringEyes7Sat, 15 Jun 2024 00:03
    Could it be an original beat?
  • "Sounds like it could be from a video game or something. The beat reminds me of the music in some sort of mario game or subway surfers"
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    Sample was edited
  • "Do you have any information about it?"
  • "Could it be an original beat?"
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    a sample in Rock
  • "( this is the full tape. i had to put this on google drive since the file is 800mb"
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