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  • "I will now edit the video, since we have the full Dance Floor Rmx now uploaded."
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  • "East Side Beat has a lot of nice eurodance songs. You should hear about them. "
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    Vincent Artaud - Let's Dance!
  • NAMCO Sound Team - Drive U 2 Dancing
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    NAMCO Sound Team - Drive U 2 Dancing
  • "Earl Jive made this song, but its still up in air about if we have the full recording. Nostalgist32x (on the lostmediawiki forums) is saying that it could be longer than 1:25, which it could be missing a verse. I think all that's left to happen now is for a cassette recording of the brodcast with the song to resurfaces online or a diffrent recording to be found on Soulseek, but what's the chances anymore who taped a brodcast knows about this search.
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