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    I really wish I had a longer version, but unfortunately that's all I have.
    Actually, I wrote below that I just reposted another person's relatively old post ( ).

  • "thanks for listening and suggestion but that is not it. I think it might be more folky.. acoustic guitar chords and male vocals but i'm not realy sure.
    EstragonFri, 24 May 2024 21:37
    Maybe INXS - Beautiful Girl (though that's more of a Rock band)?

    Anything else you can remember? How long ago? Instruments? Male/female vocalist?...
  • air (feat gordon tracks) - playground love
  • "Sorry if I'm acting a bit weird but I feel like this is AI. "
  • "Also known as "Oh! My God (Astaga)", "Oh, My God! ("Astaga" Cover)". Another video"
  • Johnny Rebel - That's the Way The Nigger Goes
  • new sample in Other
  • "do you have a longer version? if so post it to vocaroo"
  • Daniel Holter & Kyle White - Motorbike I Like (i dont have youtube link sorry)
  • new sample in Jazz, Blues
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