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    a sample in Other
  • "I take it he hasn't responded?
    As the song isn't in the soundtrack or mentioned in the credits, it could just be a short clip they recorded specially for the scene. Other than that it sounds like Tony Braxton, but she's so well known I'm sure somebody would have recognised the song by now if it was her.
    musicfan1994Wed, 26 Apr 2023 21:04
    I've just emailled Shuki Levy via the contact form on his site and will get back to you if he responds.
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    Модерн Мартина - Прости (KorgStyle version)
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    Модерн Мартина - Прости
  • new sample in Other
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    Evanescene - Bring Me To Life
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  • "M.D. Project - Italo Disco Fantasy"
  • Madonna - Back that up to the beat
  • "This is Electro House from 00's.  If someone who understands English says what the guy from this track says, then I will search and most likely find the track.  In Electro House music, very often the name of the track is pronounced with a voice."
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