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    "Lord, sometimes I complain and refuse to accept the blame
    When things don't go just as I plan
    So I quickly pray to you, there must be something that you can do
    To save me or lend me a hand"
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    I found the person,  who is most likely to help identify this song(Link of his YouTube channel:

    He's listening Old Trance music 1990's of 2000's.Perhaps,he,most likely should know about this song.

    I send of his email message asking him to help me find this song.

    I will be waiting for an answer from him as soon as possible

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  • "thats nothing
    nimaqiFri, 24 May 2024 15:01
    thanks for the re-up! searching for this via discogs for a while. unfortunately, not The Cramps from the comments under today's video
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    "Upload to"
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