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  • "Now also on YouTube"
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    "Could this be something by DJ Earworm perhaps?"
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    a sample in Other
  • "I know what we used to say  In my window today  People, people summer(?!) on the holiday  Every words we used as the games  It was just a so called ??  With flowes and bees  ??????    I know the words we used to say  As a window today  People, in the summer on the holiday  Every words we used as games  It was just a so called ???  With flowers ans bees  ????  But now our word is like a sea (?)"
  • "This is a double request"
  • ""
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    "Please confirm or reject the proposal."
  • "I have it but it is from an edit and it is interrupted by a little speech. Here is the current version :
    dylandogTue, 29 Nov 2022 12:46
    Do you have a longer sample? If so you can upload it to vocaroo
  • Kiki Gaida - Virginal Mystery
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