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  • "up"
  • "Double requests will be deleted by the admin"
  • "Only this cover has too stupid symbols, the whole world here works over it. All those who love the dissecting evil more than the bringing together good are suspect to me. Thanks a lot https://youtu.be/em86EAYpcV8"
  • "You have a full sample and you can upload it here https://vocaroo.com/upload"
  • "You have a full sample and you can upload it here https://vocaroo.com/upload"
  • new sample
  • "they hurry up while playing so that they are more ready :)"
  • a sample in World Music
  • "Oh yes, it happened to me a few times, I must have edited the main recording differently, I did all the recordings with my first PC before 9 11, in 1999. Can I delete it myself ? Thanks a lot :)"
  • "thanks a lot, i'm listening in and unfortunately i have to realize that we are all slaves, ok let's get out of there together. sometimes we enslave ourselves with our wishes and desires. The lyrics and voice fits, someone has added music. But I have to say that I don't like the raised fist at all, there are enough groups that walk around with this fist. The only thing I learned until today is that you become too quickly the plaything of some powers and then you are exploited over your own needs. And the thing you want to get to the front of the game is pushed back into the background by the power. For this reason, there is probably also instrumental music, think of your own crap from us you do not get it. :) i use deepl to translate i hope the machine can do it Many thanks :)"
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