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Nihil Mali - Pink & Green

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    Shoji Meguro - Memories of the City
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    Stephen William Cornish & Louise Dowd - See Things Differently
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    Steve Carter - If time could last forever'
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    Future World Music - Oceans of Time
  • M83 - Solitude (Felsmann + Tiley Reinterpretation)
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    Chris Schlarb - Gear Dance (Perpetuum Factory)
  • "All of those are references to the same Russian mislabeled compilations that I was talking about right in the OP.  They have a lot of other track names completely made up so I have no reason to believe them to be correct in this instance either."
  • new sample in Electro
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    akasakaTue, 29 Nov 2022 02:06
    Shazam also gives me all the 90s trance it knows at random. 

    Unfortunately neither is correct, and the video link you've sent was taken off the same torrent I got the mp3 for this sample I posted :P

    (Would be funny though if it's the compilation authors messing around and writing their own song just for the compilation)
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