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Jacques Brel - Mathilde

found in 44 sec



  • "Just a thought - is it possible that a band would name a track differently to the original? For example, could they take the lyrics of 'Get Ready' where it says 'Get Ready 'cos here I come' and name the cover-version 'Here I come'? I don't know the laws around doing that - but the song is definitely a cover of 'Get Ready'"
  • "Unfortunately, it's not looking like 'Greenhouse' - I also turned up that result doing an advanced search on Discogs - but from what I can find on YouTube they sound quite different. Also, the track lengths I have for the songs are as follows: 3:32 ?? 2:38 ?? 3:13 ?? 2:22 ?? 3:30 - 'Get Ready' cover"
  • "Greenhouse, Nowhere sounds totally different: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADWsyiDYnrA - sorry!"
  • "Bravo Rebornjar ! I was thinking this morning, just find one and the rest will follow :)"
  • Leda - Karivasé
  • "https://www.discogs.com/Greenhouse-Better-Days/release/6604338"
  • Greenhouse - Get Ready
  • a sample in rock
  • "Solved it: Leda - Karivasé"
  • Greenhouse - Could Have Been You
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