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    a sample in Musique du monde
  • "It could also be Out of Bounds by Elliot Adair"
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    a sample in Musique classique
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  • "Lo hubieras guardado en la biblioteca de tu cuenta y la olvidaste despues que escuchas por ahora.
    chocomilkSun, 07 Apr 2024 18:21
    Encontre una cancion que se escucha similar en la pagina shazam en la seccion de canciones polacas , del mismo nombre "wait to die" hay 30 segundos disponibles , no pude escucharla completa pero el creador es Alex Steckel 
    GalabanFri, 16 Feb 2024 21:01
    I will have a look also on that website 
    aleixztzFri, 16 Feb 2024 20:59 is an example of a russian website like that, it got new to old music. I have searched for myself for a bit for the song but was not able to find anything yet.
    GalabanFri, 16 Feb 2024 16:12
    Oh ok. I've been struggling finding prevalent Russian or polish music sites are around the 2013 timeframe you mentioned
    aleixztzFri, 16 Feb 2024 16:07
    He did, but I don't have them here on my computer. I can't promise but maybe they are on the computer at my dad's place. I didn't think they were that good, but this one stayed with me.
    GalabanFri, 16 Feb 2024 15:47
    Are there any other songs he sent you assuming they are from the same website this may help narrow the search
    aleixztzFri, 16 Feb 2024 15:41
    Possibly a Russian or Polish music website. I think so because they have a lot of obscure music and I if i remember right he used those kinda sites. Other websites that were in English seems that many are deleted.
    GalabanFri, 16 Feb 2024 15:38
    Yeah you're probably right about that. I know you haven't been in contact with this friend for many years but when he sent you these files were there any clues to the source of where he got them?
    aleixztzFri, 16 Feb 2024 15:34
    Sadly it's probably not it, I don't think it would have the name sound is good, i don't think they mention it in the song.
    GalabanFri, 16 Feb 2024 00:41
    The website is unreliable because I gave it a different part of the song and it completely changed the results so I'm not sure
    GalabanFri, 16 Feb 2024 00:23
    So I put it through this website called aha-music which can tell you a song from an mp3 and it came up with a song called sound is good by nimbaso but I cannot seem to find any trace of it on the internet also I'm not sure if it is a reliable website.
    aleixztzThu, 15 Feb 2024 23:41
    You are right! the chorus I understand too, and we might be able to find the song because of that!. Did you find anything from it? Thanks for the help once again guys! :)
    GalabanThu, 15 Feb 2024 21:17
    The chorus is probably our best bet cuz it's the only bit of it we can properly make out of the song and we know what it says 
    alfalfascoutThu, 15 Feb 2024 21:07
    Second verse, as best as I can make it out:
    Moon will shine
    Ocean tides
    Birds will chime(?)
    Face the light
    alfalfascoutThu, 15 Feb 2024 18:57

    I think that this isn't necessarily a non-native singer. I know several artists with a similar vocal style, e.g. 2010s Wolfgun (Haven't yet found a Wolfgun track yet that matches this one, but the lyrical themes and vocal style are very similar!)

    The first verse and chorus as far as I can make out:

    Stay inside
    Wait to die
    Sun will rise
    (Summer high? Saw the high?)

    All I wanna do is hold you until the summer comes
    All I wanna do is hold you until the night is gone

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    a sample in Pop
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    a sample in Musique du monde
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    a sample in Pop
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    a sample in Pop
  • "Sounds to be a slightly pitched down version of this specific version, but I'm not 100%"
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