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"French girl from Canada. ;)

April 2022: I will be less active on the site for personal duties, but I will come once a while, this is a really good site and I'm very grateful for all the discoveries. :D"

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  • "In case it's a remix :)"
  • INKAA - Lost Souls
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  • "You're welcome and bravo neoton! 👍 You figure it out well, it was difficult to determine the genre, style, and even the decade. Not to mention the title, no one can understand it. 😬 I found this (and "Treaty" too) while researching Tribal under World music and focusing on 1992. 😊
    neotonSat, 26 Nov 2022 21:54
    Thanks for the hints NanaDensin😀It was important to guess the style and I guessed correctly,that it was a tribal😄
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