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"Our credo's exclusively the weightlifting :)

And some more stuff about me is here:


All winners of my quizzes:

Thank you all for your participation! :)


My personal favorite discoveries
(out of all the unheard songs, I googled for WZS:)


The Soulettes - Hey Senorita

RAYE - Shhh


Trio - Turaluraluralu (Ich mach Bubu was machst du)

Jasmine Thompson - Let Her Go

Discomax- Don't Give Up (Live Your Life)


Kaleo - I Can't Go on Without You

Tram - Now We Can Get On With Our Own

Robert Parker feat. Miss K. - '85 Again

Karol G. - El Barco

Namika - Je ne parle pas français

Karlie G. - A Dozen Roses



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