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  • "Here the song starts without  other sounds or lyrics, just like in your sample :"
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    "Is there any lyrics written down? And also is there any credits on the cd itself?"
  • 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Dreams (Instrumental Vocal Edit)
  • "This is similar to this song"
  • "yeah i guess that makes more sense 
    bankruptSat, 24 Feb 2024 21:17

    Last to lines are off, by ear im pretty sure it says

    "Together, we'll take on the world"
    "take on the world"

    valvill569pSat, 24 Feb 2024 21:14
    Hey I just put the song in an app called "Moises" that can separate the vocals from the instruments and also show the lyrics of songs, this is the lyrics that the app showed:
    "Starling for you, she's just like a light of the night
    Yeah, she's my world, my everything right 
    she's my girl, she's my girl
    she's the one who sets my heart in a whirl 
    she's my girl, she's my girl
    gather up, wake up the world 
    wake up the world (?)" 
    Idk if they are right but I hope that this can help to find the song name.
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    "Do you mind getting your recording device closer to the speaker so that we can hear the lyrics better?"
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    "Or it could possibly sample the Coolio song.
    bankruptSat, 24 Feb 2024 21:20

    It's a remix of 1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin' New) by Coolio, lyrics match up

    "1-2-3 it's like A-B-C if hip-hop didn't pay I'd rap for free"

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