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  • it could be, or im just dumb, who cares im accepting it.

  • Liviu Guta - Cum Indraznesti
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    This is the CD containg the song (the first track), someone please a add a proposal so i can answer it:

  • a sample in Rock
  • a sample in Rock
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  • so necessarily i cant check an old minecraft server if the server is gone

    LoneWolf178Wed, 26 Jun 2024 00:36

    only servers i've ever played is a private minecraft survival server that you need the discord server in order to join, and i know its not there, and Mineplex for bedrock edition up until the server died

    ColokonalWed, 26 Jun 2024 00:28

    100% a minecraft song from a server, kinda like hypixel how they play noteblock music. Check some old servers you used to play and you might find it there

  • Is there a longer snippet?

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