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  • "... the melodies and the style of guitar was so important to help?"
  • "Thank you very much!!! 😃 It was the in the soundtrack of a game and it drove me totally crazy because I knew it but couldn't name it! You saved my sanity! 😅"
  • new sample
  • "https://youtu.be/H3dhH5goUyE"
  • "Thank you!"
  • Antonín Dvořák - Humoresque No. 7, Op. 101
  • "I think it is. I didn't think so at first. But at 2:25 in the video link the lyric "boom boom" and the lyric "uh-huh" seem to match up!"
  • "Sorry, no idea."
  • "Longer sample: https://youtu.be/IzTes3_6FBg?t=30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rR8aFTSQedQ"
  • new sample in Musique classique
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