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Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj - Side To Side

Il y a 38 jours

pop - english

found in 7 min



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  • "I didn't hat time yet to listen to the full song. If on Youtube it says "English Evenings - After Dark" why should I have doubts about that? "After Dark" could not be the band name as there way a second song from English Evenings. So it's the LP name. Stupid me for not immediately seeing that..."
  • "thank you"
  • "Shall I leave here or not? After I war ruled by you like a Kindergarden Boy, I find it hard to stay here."
  • "Check your mailbox, thanks"
  • Bonnie Grace - Intense Thrill
  • a sample in Bande originales
  • "After 2 years... i cant believe. U made my day happy, thanks a lot."
  • a sample in Bande originales
  • "I found it. Bonnie Grace - Intense Thrill https://youtu.be/hOb-mHIPdHQ"
  • a sample in Bande originales
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