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  • "Je sais mais je voudrais cette musique svp quand même merci. "
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    "When was this recorded and from where?"
  • "Can you send the full song?"
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    "Some sort of a remix of "Thunder - AZ7 & ELISC".. can't find the exact one though. Sorry :/"
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    "Phill mentioned writing America here:

    "During 1982 Phil was asked to donate a song to a charity album called Eleven go mad in Lewisham to highlight the position of unemployed people at that time. Rather than simply hand over a tune off the shelf, Phil decide to record a new piece in a local studio in Lewisham, South London. Over three days, a song called America was written and recorded in the studio. A full album launch took place in the Albany Theatre in Deptford, and subsequent live performances by other contributing acts raised money and awareness for the charity.""
  • new sample in Other
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    "Can someone tell me another songs with the same type of drum intro?"
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    new sample in Rock
  • "In this case refuse the answer
    BocorSat, 21 May 2022 20:09
    Tanks, but i ask for the name of original artist of this fragment.
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