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  • "Fleur East - Sax"
  • "Yes! That is the song! Thank you SOOOO MUCH! :D"
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  • "I found it on soundcloud. Thank you very much. You really made my day. I just have checked whether I could help you too, but unfortunately my attempt was hopeless ;-) The only genres I know well are Death Metal and Thrash Metal, in the former case only stuff that's like 30 years old and in latter case I actually only know Slayer well. I could never have imagined that I would get an answer so quickly. I will sure keep an eye on this platform. Maybe one day I can be as helpful as you were for me today. Good luck with your inquiries, you deserve to be helped."
  • "(Male Pitch Edit)"
  • Dharia - Sugar & Brownies
  • Lady gaga - Poker face
  • "DOUBLE"
  • "DOUBLE"
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