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  • "wow many thanks Kurty! some years searchin for it"
  • ""
  • "That's where I got it from. It's something I probably cut from a full show a little while ago. The only reasons I would have cut it out of the show unlabeled is if it weren't announced or weren't written in the page's wiki. Will have a look through my downloads and see what show it might've been, though I seem to remember it was March or April.
    nonoseacrestSat, 29 Jan 2022 06:40
    do you remember what month this was by chance? the wiki can be a good resource for mysterious peel songs: unless you've already looked there
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  • E-girls - 別世界
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    Lina Hansson - Unglamorous (Digimax 80s Dance Remix)
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  • "dont know how to edit this def sounds more like microhouse/techno and is not in englishh"
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