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"Just a normal dude"

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  • "He did say "something like" meaning he doesn't think it's not completely accurate...
    JoshJAGCThu, 30 May 2024 17:49
    Furthermore, in his lyrics the woman apparently says "OH YEAHHHHHHH" which me personally I am 99% confident the woman does not say in the snippet, it just doesn't sound like "Yeah". 
    JoshJAGCThu, 30 May 2024 11:27
    We should read the writing on the wall, this guy totally does not have an extended snippet...
    percent99Thu, 30 May 2024 02:32
    can you post it on vocaroo
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    "Yeah I tried to find out what song it was myself a few times, but to no avail so far. 
    PhiPanThu, 30 May 2024 20:41
    Apparently this has been a mystery for over a decade...
  • "did you record it from a cassette player by phone i think he means
    PSvilleMon, 29 Nov 2021 20:05
    Hey Weatherapp! I taped both songs off an anarchist radio station on the same day (most probably same hour too) in June 1996 (so not early in 1996). No use of phone involved. Alas, guys from that station don't know. Based on the singer’s accent and the lyrics, I think they are by an obscure Dutch/Belgian alt rock band or less likely German.
  • "Thanks!"
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    "Wait wait wait, "80's Song" is the actual name of the song
    BigSonarThu, 30 May 2024 23:03
    Not a black eyed peas song, if this song is from the 80's it predates the group
  • "Not Finnish and doesn't sound vaugly like Finnish. Just to rule it out"
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