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"I came here to find the name of a classical piano tune, a neighbour was playing. And I found help immediately. :) Then I realized how much fun it is to listen to the other's samples and help them, too ... sometimes. Or to get known to new music by following their searches. Great site, great experts here! :)"


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  • ""Thanks" is not enough, you have to confirm the answer by clicking on the red button "confirm" next to the answer, thanks"
  • "It is a bolero. I would like to know the name of the song and who is the singing woman. Thanks for your help!"
  • "also sounds very new, like late 2010's. Some songs like this have been found on here: https://au.audionetwork.com/ may not be there though, but worth looking"
  • "https://youtu.be/EJKe2ymNdP0"
  • Martin Böttcher - Fiesta in Belo Horizonte
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  • "If you have a longer sample , post it on Vocaroo.com and paste link here."
  • "Thanks! Where did you get this btw? Possible titles could be "Girl" "Without You" or "Can't get you out of my mind""
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