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  • "it could be made in GarageBand tho i havent used it so i would have no idea.
    BoredAssCatFri, 17 May 2024 21:47
    This sounds like it was made in GarageBand. I've used the synths and drum kits heard before
  • "it might be a instrumental version of an indonesian pop song as those are pretty common ( atleast for me)
    jorminyoFri, 17 May 2024 23:48
    It could be a citypop, it's similar to this song by (Yurie Kokubu - Just go up)
  • " heres full version"
  • new sample in Classical Music
  • " here is the "radio host talks while the music plays" section i was talking about earlier"
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    "sounds like a doomshop release"
  • Melodysheep - Life Beyond Theme (Stripped)
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    new sample in Other
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    new sample in Other
  • "The song I listened to and the song featured here are nott the same version. This sample has a slightly different structure (vocals after the drop, which are not present in the Soundcloud upload I listened to, unless I listened to the wrong one)."
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