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"Someday everything will be found!

I was registered here on January 7, 2019

Looking for with the help of the program "M. I. A" only old queries. I am looking for new requests not earlier than in 7 days to be able to answer all those who do not use the program in search. Sometimes I make exceptions and answer immediately."


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"coucou les gars cette fois il me faut seulement le nom du dessin animé d\'où est extraite cette belle musique qui devrait rappeler des souvenirs.."
JSKEEN - Horseshoe Bend Dam
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"C\'est que l\'instru, je cherche la version avec les paroles."
James Cullum, Steve Isles - Falling
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"Featured in a couple of australlian House M.D. promos."
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"Air avec des intonations qui rappellent par moments \"La leçon de piano\" de Michaël Nyman"
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"Say the name of the song urgently please"
  • Chopin - Grande Valse Brilliant E flat major Op18
  • "I think it may be an arrangement of one of Chopin's Waltzes (originally for solo piano). It may be played a little bit slower than your recording."
  • new sample in Soundtrack
  • new sample in rock
  • "Thank you very much"
  • "http://www.chartsinfrance.net/Le-Thi-Thuy/albums-singles.html"
  • Le Thi Thuy - 1973
  • "You're welcome! I realized the similarities and I was searching for the exact one. I'm glad I could help somehow"
  • "clean up"
  • "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxDz0Ed5gxA"
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