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"I love rare french cafe music
I Love Russian music its so romantic
I create my own music and art I love the freedom
I love music from all genres but the tonality is what inspires me, not the popularity."


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  • "Hi Pharcyde, my old friend, thank you for your effort, but I had to reject your answer. The version I'm looking for has a higher BPM. Longer sample available here −>"
  • "This song was used in a hentai flash game on newgrounds called 'Kasumi Island' but it doesn't say what the song is and there's nothing in the comments"
  • "Oui c'est ça :)"
  • ":)"
  • "I can definitely hear Spanish; "Quiéreme ????? deséame. Mira que yo solo quiero ser tuya, tuya estrella de mar" Not sure but it may be related to Festival De San Remo."
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