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    "was this recorded in 1980 or is the instrument in question just from 1980?
    if not recorded in 1980, when was it?"
  • "Really?, that guy has a lot of talents. Mad respect for that man. Thanks for the info.
    DrHugFri, 14 Jun 2024 05:48
    The track was likely created by "WheelmanZero"
  • a sample in Electro
  • "Another fact to add is that on the cover of the song there is a man dressed in a black suit and has glasses looking directly ahead and also around him there are people who are a little blurry, there are also certain people who appear on the cover who They do not have a blurry filter and they can be seen perfectly distributed among the blurry people, there are some buildings on the sides assuming that it is a city. I found this song on an old PC that I had a long time ago, unfortunately I did not recover the files from the disk and I only have the vague memory of the melody of the song. This is everything I know about this song"
  • "im from colombia :3
    DrHugFri, 14 Jun 2024 05:49
    What country are you from if you don't mind?
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    "if you're looking for the singer, the original uploader seems to know them personally"
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    "What country are you from if you don't mind?"
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    WheelmanZero - Facing a boss
  • 8
    "The track was likely created by "WheelmanZero""
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