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"a song in a meme i found. please help find the original title"
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"a song in a meme i found. please help find the original title"
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"it used angela bofill's "i do love you""
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"Live band, would like to know the title of this tune. Thanks in advance."
Henry Purcell - Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary
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"It plays in this video:"
  • "also how would this be illegal, how strict is copyright laws in germany?
    unknowndiscoSun, 02 Oct 2022 19:18
    Tell him, he can upload it temporarily to vocaroo and then delete it after it's identified. I doubt it will take more than a couple of hours to identify the song once we get the full version, so he has nothing to worry about.
    CactusTreeSun, 02 Oct 2022 18:14
    creibens just got back to me after I messaged him on Discogs a while back: "I will NOT upload the full song to ANY site. As a german person, living in Germany, I am bound to the german laws, and these laws do NOT allow me to upload more than a 30 seconds sample."
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  • "dawg where did you get this
    KillerJackSat, 20 Mar 2021 20:10
    Here you go, it's the whole song.
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  • "Нет записи с высоким битрейтом и нет этой композиции в дискографии этой группы даже в виде сингла. Поэтому есть сомнения в том, что это правильное название исполнителя или даже название произведения..."
  • "If it helps, the sample you posted is some type of mix/mashup of Ice Cube's "It Takes a Nation" and Rass Kass' "Ghetto Fabulous". However, I couldn't find it. It might be a local DJ's mix."
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