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  • "Yes, I'm jealous of dj. That's why I'm saying his link wasn't working. I am a liar. I am jealous of miro. That's why I always attack him, because he's a big quizer. I am not jealous of you. Sorry :)"
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  • "ok...subject closed."
  • "@SALIM Don't forget to vote. I couldn't listen to the song because I don't have glasses."
  • "any link to vid or where did u find it ?"
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  • "i´m not worried with theyr opinion.i´m in this site plus 10 years and i don´t gain 1 dollar for nothing here. i´m plus old here than you two has jealous of me, miro, alone and others here because We are not from her pan neither never we will be.and i tell truth.ok!"
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