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  • "Sometimes artist sample other songs from other artists and you can find it in their manual or book that comes with the cd."
  • "No, but it kind of sounds like Daft Punk's "Something About Us" Discovery CD"
  • "I don't get it lol why are you saying that?"
  • "I thought so, when "The Orchard Enterprises" is involved, I knew the shit was going to hit the fan. :)"
  • "Nope Farkas. it's the same base used for another thing but it's not what that original sample is."
  • ""
  • Belli - Rebot
  • "Confirm / refuse all , your requests plz"
  • "it's not it @rebornjar (idk how to use this sorry) Because that's released in 2011 and this is older. And it's just the beat and those few notes "pa pa param pam" LOL"
  • new sample
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