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"I like this site. It´s fun to listen to strange melodies, to try to remember and identify them. However, one thing gets more and more annoying over the years. It´s these guys who post one sample and then NEVER RETURN even after proposals pile up! Who does such Bloedsinn? Is that the modern thumb-on-the-smartphone user with constant dementia?"


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  • "whole Track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLwhFtztbXo&t=1215s"
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  • "OK friend, and I thought it was strange, I tried to download the mp3 wolf application to see if I could get a demo of this song, but I couldn't, I had this application on a demo software CD, but I couldn't access it anymore"
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  • "please delete. replacing wrong label"
  • mr. kitty - after dark
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