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"Browsing cyberspace to please those eardrums!

BIG ups to everybody here who helps name all the music posted here! Along with those who post samples."


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Il y a 12h

Electro - instrumental

Il y a 7 jours

Soul, Funk, Rap - english

Il y a 40 jours

rock - instrumental

Il y a 92 jours

Soul, Funk, Rap - instrumental

Il y a 127 jours

Jazz, Blues - japanese

Il y a 160 jours

rock - instrumental

Il y a 162 jours

rock - instrumental

Il y a 208 jours

Jazz, Blues - instrumental
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  • "Hello Nanah. Lol.If music recognition software worked everytime none of us would be here asking for help."
  • new sample in rock
  • "Presumibly it's original"
  • "I found out it was Hotel Pool's "Melt", but sounds sped up in a DAW"
  • "Sounds like some faster remix of this: https://youtu.be/A5E4oMqUZIE?t=80 Original: Alphaville - Sounds like a melody"
  • Hotel Pools - Melt
  • "Please help me"
  • new sample
  • new sample
  • "Maybe this: https://youtu.be/9SOryJvTAGs?t=214"
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